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3-Servo Center Sealing With Gusset Bag making Machine
Center / End press seal pouch making machine series(Center press seal bag making machine)

DSM 350-CSG is specialized to produce center/ end seal with gusset bag.

1. This model employs 3 servo drive system (One servo for the vertical movement of the sealing units, another two servo motors for film feeding).
2. It has Computer operating touch panel with window program which enables to make easy operation and fast job
changing for all production data. (For example, sealing time & temperature, speed up & down, bag dimensions and skip operation etc. Moreover, with this system, you can easily reproduced same quality of bags without losses in timing & raw materials. )

Production Speed

40~180 cycles/ min
* Production speed may be affected by the type of material and the cutting length.

Wed Width/ Diameter

Width : 120mm - 800mm / Diameter : ик600mm

Pouch Size Range

Gusset bag (Width : 35 - 350mm, Length : up to 500mm)
Flat bag (Width : 55 - 350mm, Length : up to 500mm)


Main unwinding station

Unwinding is controlled by inverter control, E.P.C device and powder brake

Display Screen

Data can be stored by window program.
It has On/ Off control of each device, each dimensional storage, sealing & feeding, operating speed, On/ Off alarming

Web feed

By 2 A.C servo motor & computer, and cutting mark sensor

control unit

12 channels of communicational temperature control system

Bottom & upper
sealer pressing unit

By 1 A.C Servo Motor & Clank Lever

Power Consumption

Driving Motor : A.C 220V, 3phase, 13.8Kw
Heater: A.C 220v, 18Kw
Cooled water: 3-5 litter/ Min

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