3-side seal
bag making
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press seal bag
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 Box pouch series
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3-side seal bag making machine series(Standing Pouch/3-side Sela Bag Making Machine)
1. DSM600-ST is specialize to make standing pouch and 3-side sealed pouch making machine.
2. Control by 3-servo-motors(two servo motors for film feeding and one independently operating AC servo motor for
the regulation of the raising and lowering movement of the sealing units) and computer.
3. Format changes are very fast and wastage is reduced to a minimum by personal computer.
4. The individual set-ups are stored in the computer for future reference and can also be output on the line printer
if desired.


Production Speed

3 side seal: 30-160 Shot/ Min
Standing pouch: 30-120 Shot/ Min
* Production speed may be affected by the type of material and the cutting length.

Size of Raw material

Width : 400-1m250mm
Diameter : 800mm

Size of Bottom web

Width : 60-180mm
Diameter : 400mm

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